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Our Price: $24.95
Item Number: 2100
Manufacturer: Nutraceutics


·       Antioxidant Superpower for Life on the Go

·       Multivitamin with Fruit & Vegetable Extracts

·       Antioxidants for healthy Cellular Function

·       Minerals for Strong Bones

More than just a multivitamin.

Eat your fruits and vegetables. Take your vitamins. We’ve heard it all our lives. With Vitrin®, getting your daily requirements is easy. Vitrin is loaded with antioxidants from fruit and vegetable extracts. While Vitrin is not a substitute for eating your fruits and vegetables daily, it can help to keep you going strong on even your most hectic days.

Fight the free radicals!

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that are highly reactive and that cause chain reactions resulting in damage to DNA or cell membranes. Free radicals can be generated from exposure to environmental factors such as pollution or stress. Antioxidants are critically important to a healthy diet because they are able to safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before any damage is done. They defend the cells against harm, and keep us healthy and strong. The Vitrin multivitamin contains all of your daily vitamins and minerals, plus fruit and vegetable extracts.

Size:     60 Tablets

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