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A new weight loss fat burner:
an algae extract known as

Ecklonia cava extract, also known as seanol, is an astonishing new supplement that not only fights toxins in the body, but may also be capable of preventing fat from building up in the tissues. Seanol acts by decreasing the number of fat cells in the body. This includes existing fat cells and cells that are becoming fat storage cells.

There are two ways in which seanol achieves this. Firstly, seanol reduces the amount of blood that reaches fat tissues. Secondly, seanol lowers the amount of fat in the muscles and blood vessels. In studies of overweight mice, scientists found that mice fed with seanol lost over 10% of their total body weight in less than two weeks. Amazingly, seanol did not have any side effects.

Just how does seanol aid weight loss?

A compound known as DGAT (which is short for diglyceride acyltransferase) is very important in the development of stores of fat in the body. Apparently seanol stops this molecule, and reduces fat storage by 50%.

And it is not just effective in animals. Seanol helps people lose weight, regardless of whether they are already in shape or overweight. When over one hundred people were fed seanol for two weeks, they lost body fat as fast as they gained muscle. This means that by preventing fat from building up in the body, seanol also makes way for muscle to develop (replacing the fat lost).

Seanol and the liver

Seanol also prevents fat from collecting in the liver and pancreas. It is therefore a possible treatment for people suffering from diabetes. Cholesterol, insulin and fat deposits are all positively affected by seanol,

Not only does seanol reduce fat in the body, but also has been reported to increase energy and activity in animals and humans when taken consistently. It is unusual to find a fat burner with so many other positive effects, so that everyone can benefit from this brown algae extract. Buy Seanol here.

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