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Seanol, (ecklonia cava extract):
the amazing memory booster

Seanol is extract from the plant species brown algae. It is also known by its natural name of Ecklonia cava extract. Seanol contains many natural plant chemicals that have been wide accepted in the medical field to possess powerful nutrient characteristics. The main ones are the family of plant chemicals called polyphenols and a chemical complex called phlorotannin. These and others may play a role in its amazing effects on the brain.

Research on animals has shown that seanol increases brain activity by more than 120%. The effect that this wonder compound has on the brain was found especially in the specific areas of the brain responsible for retaining memory. The brain is divided into many areas that are allocated for different functions, including calculation, speech, reflexes, muscle control, and of course, memory. The test subjects were found to have more memory after taking seanol for one week. The increase in memory was greatest when taken as a food supplement that is eaten.

Seanol causes receptors in the brain to take up a greater amount of a brain chemical called acetylcholine than normal, and thus it enhances the brain’s functioning capabilities. In addition, scientists discovered that Seanol improves the function of the brain by specifically allowing more blood to flow to the head region. It does this by increasing the blood flow to the carotid arteries, which are the blood vessels that “climb” the right and left side of the neck and transport nutrient-rich blood to the brain.

Seanol found in Fibroboost also contains a compound named fucoidan. This particular substance can protect and enhance some important cells in the nervous system.

Seanol and amyloid deposits in the brain

Ecklonia cava extract, or seanol, can prevent a protein called beta amyloid from accumulating in the brain. Since beta amyloid deposits are known to be responsible for causing Alzheimer’s disease, seanol should therefore help prevent Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s patients tend to have memory loss, and a major part of this condition is due to excessive deposition of beta amyloid in the brain.

Seanol can also increase the levels of alpha waves in the brain. Neurological studies have shown that alpha waves are highest during rest and relaxation. Therefore, seanol is able to help cause a restful relaxation of the body.

Seanole: a brown algae extract in supplement form that can improve memory, brain function, blood flow to the brain, rest and relaxation while preventing Alzheimer’s disease - amazing!


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