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The effects of seanol on the cardiovascular system

Seanol and Blood Pressure

One of the ways that Seanol works in the body is by expanding narrow blood vessels. This means that blood and nutrients can flow more easily through the network of blood vessels that makes up the cardiovascular system.

Blood pressure refers to how hard blood presses against the vessel walls. High blood pressure can be very dangerous, leading to heart attack and stroke if untreated. Seanol actually reduces this pressure, and allows blood to flow in the ideal manner, quickly and steadily, without causing extreme pressure on the arteries.

You may remember from your last doctor’s visit that you were given two numbers for your blood pressure. The higher number, known as the systolic pressure, is the highest pressure in your arteries, usually around 120 mmHg when the heart contracts. The lower number, diastolic pressure, refers to the lowest pressure, usually around 80 mmHg when the heart rests. Abnormally high blood pressure is known as hypertension.

In one medical study, volunteers with high blood pressure were given seanol daily for four weeks. At the end of the study it was found that the volunteer’s blood vessels had widened and systolic blood pressure dropped.

Therefore, if blood vessels become narrowed, seanol helps relieve the force or pressure on blood and vessel walls. Other studies show that once high blood pressure drops, seanol prevents it from rising again. On the basis of these findings, seanol can help protect your heart and overall cardiovascular health.

Seanol Inflammation and Blood Clots

Blood pressure is also controlled by ACE, short for angiotensin-converting enzyme. The more ACE in your body, the higher your blood pressure will be. ACE also causes inflammation and negatively affects the cells that line blood vessel walls. Most medicines against high blood pressure are in fact ACE inhibitors. Seanol also inhibits ACE activity in the body.

As its name suggests, anti-plasmin prevents plasmin activity in the body. Plasmin is a very powerful molecule that helps blood to clot when necessary, such as when a wound occurs. Seanol is also able to block anti-plasmin to prevent blood clotting disorders and other circulatory diseases.

Seanol reduces blood pressure, reduces inflammation and helps blood to clot properly while keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. That is an unusual but great combination of positive effect. Here is hare you can find seanol and Fibroboost.

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