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Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Coanda, the founder of fluid dynamics, was one of the world's greatest scientists. Born in Bucharest, Dr. Coanda was an inventor who held more than 600 patents.  In the later years of his career he became infatuated with the 120- to 140-year life span of the residents of the Hunza land north of Pakistan. As he was nearing his retirement, Dr. Coanda chose an up-and-coming teenage science whiz to carry on his work. Young Patrick Flanagan had been recognized by Life Magazine as one of the top ten most promising scientists in the United States.

Dr. Coanda was 78 years old when he offered Flanagan his documented research and asked that his research on longevity be carried on. Flanagan accepted Coanda's challenge and began his life's work.  He started by identifying five remote areas of the planet where the inhabitants lived extremely healthy lives of 120 years or longer.

The diets of the residents of the five regions were all different. The only common factor Flanagan could find to explain why those people lived such long and healthy lives was their drinking water. In every one of the areas, the water consumed was from melted glaciers. On analysis, glacial water is physically different; it has a lower surface tension and is similar in some ways to the fluid that surrounds the body's cells. This water, or "glacial milk," was named Hunza Water after the most well known of the five areas Flanagan studied.

Dr. Flanagan then set out to develop his own Hunza Water and to share the gift of good health and longevity with the world. After years of research, Flanagan duplicated the properties of Hunza Water through his creation of small, three-dimensional Silica-based Microclusters®.

Other researchers who had concluded that the secret of Hunza Water was only its trace minerals were stunned to discover that it was the clustered structure of water molecules that made glacial water unique. 

First, Dr. Flanagan invented a 33-step process that used three minerals found in human tissue to change nutrients into nano-colloidal silicates. Microclusters® was the catalyst produced by this process, which increases the ability of the nutrients to absorb. Studies have shown Microclusters® can absorb 300 percent more than the same nutrient without an increase in the absorption of many other nutritional supplements. 

Dr. Flanagan continued to research Hunza Water and discovered it contained a vast number of negatively-charged hydrogen ions. Hydrogen has one electron and is a powerful neutralizer of free radicals and the ultimate antioxidant. This research led to Flanagan's discovery of Silica Hydride MegaH™, a nutritional supplement that adds negatively-charged hydrogen ions to the body, and MegaHydrate™, the first supplement scientifically proven to increase hydration. 

As if all that wasn't enough, Dr. Flanagan found that Hunza Water contained other properties that involved energy, heat and viscosity.  Another decade of research brought him to a new discovery--a mineral activator that reduced nutritional elements to a new type of mineral colloid.  A mineral colloid of this small size--just 12 atoms around--had never been achieved before. The minute size of these Microclusters® reduces the size of nutrients and transports them straight to the cells where they are needed.  Microclusters® are approximately five to ten nanometers (one nanometer equals a billionth of a meter) in diameter; nearly two and one-half million would fit on the head of a pin. In spite of their small size, the surface area of Microclusters® is approximately 240,000 square feet per ounce.  Microclusters® encapsulate tiny particles of nutrients in an electrically charged coating of minerals to protect them until their absorption by the cells.  With this discovery, Dr. Flanagan had at last been successful in recreating all of the properties found in Hunza Water.

When nutrients are made this small, the size allows electrons to move rapidly through them which creates a powerful charge that attracts water molecules. This increases nutrient hydration and raises the ability to absorb and attract to cells.  In so doing, it reduces the surface tension and changes the structure of its physical properties to those of the water that surrounds the cells. 

Additionally, Silica Hydride also increases the net charge ("zeta potential") of particles that decide how the cells are "clustered" in the body. By increasing zeta potential, fluids are able to move between cells, flush out toxins and absorb more water into the cells.
Dr. Flanagan's work with nanotechnology has created wondrous opportunities for both an increase in the quality of life and life extension.  He is described by his peers as one of the most incredible scientists the world has ever known. 
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