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Synthovial Seven 7 1 oz - FREE Shipping **Not applicable when purchased with other products!

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Item Number: 830045
Manufacturer: Hyalogic
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Synthovial 7 

FREE Shipping ...
**Not applicable when purchased with other products!

Synthovial  Seven also known as Synthovial  7 is
a highly absorbable liquid, high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Reduce your pain, stiffness, and improve your flexibility with Synthovial  Seven. Regain your youthful, soft skin texture. Moisturize your dry skin  and look younger!
Suggested Use:
Add one (1) ml (full dropper) to a glass of water once a day only. Should NOT be taken with hot liquids. We recommend taking Synthovial  Seven first thing in the morning. (This is a good way of getting in the habit of taking it every day to obtain the maximum benefits from regular use.) It is VERY IMPORTANT that it is taken EVERY DAY, especially the first bottle.

Synthovial Seven7 Customer Comments:
08/18/10:  Linda from Arizona writes:
I received my order today.  You are so sweet!!!  Thank you so much for getting the order right out.  I am traveling this weekend & I am grateful to have it with me.
I appreciate you keeping the doggie supplement (Hyla Flex for Pets) on hand.  It works miracles for my 12 year old miniature Schnauzer.  I had him an expensive supplement from Petsmart. It worked pretty well.  I began taking your supplement Synthovial 7 for arthritis.  I thought since my supplement works I would give the animal version a try for my doggie.  Within days there was a very noticeable difference in his activities.  Gunner is able to walk on all legs w/o limping.  He can play again w/my younger dog.  He no longer growls from pain when I pick him up.  Gunner does not have any side effects.  It has been a miracle for his arthritis & soreness.  For the smaller pets only 1/2 a dropper is necessary.  This makes the bottle last twice as long.  I will keep him on it for the remainder of his life.
Thanks again,
10/23/09:  Ouida S., Tyler, TX
 I am just so glad I can order Synthovial Seven on line now.  I have been taking it was about 3 or 4 yrs and would not dream of doing without it.  It has completely elimated the tentenitus in my  hands and my eyesight has also improved and that has never happend.  I have worn glasses since I was two yrs old.  Of course it has also helped my skin and hair. So thank you
07/16/09:  Amy M., Albuquerque, NM
I just started taking it about a week ago.  After 2 knee surgeries on the same knee and still having pain, my doctor wanted me to try the injections.  He said there was no other way to take hyluronic acid that would be effective.  After going on the internet and seeing pictures of the injections being administered, I decided to try the liquid.  My knee feels so much better after only 1 week.  I am telling all my friends to try it and am getting extra bottles to give as gifts.  Thank you for this wonderful product.  I especially like that it is not animal based as my massage therapist said she had heard from several of her clients that the rooster comb product was not very effective.  I think this product is truly amazing and has certainly saved me pain and money.

Synthovial Seven* 7/26/07: Mrs. P.E., Canyon Lake, CA
I suffer from arthritis in my fingers. My daughter told me about an orthopedic surgeon who uses Synthovial 7 for his family and recommends it for his patients. It is expensive, but I thought I would try it. Within two weeks after I started taking

Synthovial Seven, I got relief from the pain. I have been out of Synthovial Seven for about a month, and the pain is coming back, so now Im ordering more.

7/26/07: Richard, F. Redwood City, CA
My shoulder has improved a lot since I started taking Synthovial Seven. The shoulder had been locked up to where I could move it only 45 degrees, and had trouble putting my arm behind my back to dry myself after. Now I can reach up 180 degrees and easily dry my back.

8/30/07: Diane K. from Mariposa, CA
Im 63 years old, and a couple years ago I started having trouble going up and down

some steep stairs in my home. Shortly after I started taking Synthovial 7, that changed. Now I feel like Im operating on ball bearings the stiffness and pain are so much improved! Im enjoying gardening again, and soon Im going to get back on my horse.

7/26/07: L.D. from South Lake Tahoe, CA
Synthovial 7 is awesome! Ive got increased flexibility in my joints, especially my knees. I live at higher altitude where its dry, and Im out in the sun a lot, but with Synthovial 7, my skin and my eyes are less dry even postmenopausal vaginal dryness is improving! I first split a bottle of Synthovial 7 with my next door neighbor, but we both had such good effects, that now I buy 6 at a time to get the quantity pricing, and divide up the savings with my friends.

7/26/07: K.G., USA
I felt like an old woman with aching joints and stiffness, until I started using Synthovial 7. Now Im not so stiff in the morning when I wake up, and nails are stronger. My hair is better, too. Synthovial 7 also helped my older sisters fibromyalgia so she could function again. She said she would have had to quit her job if it werent for Synthovial 7.

7/26/07: Pat L., Laguna Beach, CA
I couldnt bend my hip, but I felt an improvement in 5 days after I started taking Synthovial 7. My hip is more flexible, and the arthritis in my fingers and ankles is greatly relieved. Its like a miracle. My skin looks better, too. I recommend that people order enough so they dont run out, because my pain comes back in 3 days if I run out of Synthovial 7
7/27/07: Anna P., Long Beach CA
I had some hair loss issues from medication I have to take, but the Synthovial 7 has resulted in thicker and faster growing hair. Also, my nails have always been brittle and unhealthy, but now they are stronger and healthier than they have ever been. Last week I hit the end of my thumb so the nail bent back, but it didnt even break thats really amazing for me. Im happy that my skin is brighter, and clearer and less dry, too. My mother told me about Synthovial 7. She likes the fact that her hair is growing twice as fast as it used to, and her husband even began growing hair on his backside after he started taking Synthovial 7.

7/27/07: Ming T., Honolulu, HI
I started to take Synthovial 7 because my knee pain was nearly intolerable. After about 2 weeks taking Synthovial 7, the knee got a lot better. Its been 6 months now, and the knee is still doing better.

7/27/07: Diana K. from Rosamond, CA
My orthopedic surgeon says that Synthovial 7 is the same kind of thing that he injects into peoples knees. After a year on Synthovial 7, the cartilage in my knee is better, and so is my skin. I have less wrinkles, and my skin doesnt sag so much as I lose weight, like in my neck.

7/27/07: Susan E. from Holmen, WI
I look better at 47 than I did at 38. Synthovial 7 moisturizes my whole body as long as I drink enough water along with it. I used to have really dry and bleeding cuticles, but now they are softer, and so are my heels. The arthritis in my lower back and hands is better, too.

8/2/07: Glennys K., B.C. Canada (Glennys Kramer)
My hair is thicker and my wrinkles are not as deep after taking Synthovial Seven. The hyaluronic acid helped with faster healing of my toe and later my eyes when I had to have surgery.

8/3/07: Anna W. from TX (Anna Waller)
My hair was thinning at the top and the arthritis in my knees was bothering me, so I ordered Synthovial 7. Not only do I have new hair growth, but my joints are better, and my complexion is smoother.

More on Hyaluronic Acid
approximately 4.5 billion molecules of HA may reach each knee joint after oral ingestion of 3 mg of HA in humans
(FASEB, 2004). A. G. Schauss, L. G. Balogh, A. G. Polyak, D. G. Mathe, R. G. Kiraly and G. G. Janoki American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research, Inc and National Institute for Health.

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