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Item Number: RC0138
Manufacturer: Ridgecrest Herbals
Manufacturer Part No: 355724001384

ClearLungs Sport

Herbal Supplement

ClearLungs Sport is the #1 ClearLungs formula designed for athletes with additional herbs for increased performance and endurance. The ingredients in ClearLungs Sport have been shown to help:

       Improve lung strength and endurance

       Enhance oxygenation

       Optimize athletic performance


Our #1 ClearLungs formula designed for athletes with additional herbs for increased performance and endurance.

ClearLungs has been the #1 best-selling natural lung product in the U.S. for over 10 years! In the past, ClearLungs products consisted of several variations including ClearLungs Original, ClearLungs Extra Strength and ClearLungs Liquid, all of which supported lung health and wellness for both acute and chronic conditions. ClearLungs has also been used over the years by individuals and athletes of all types to not only to maintain lung wellness, but also to enhance lung function and performance. For this reason we decided to to create a formula specifically for athletes! The formula combines the ClearLungs original Chinese herbal formula with additional herbs proven to increase endurance, enhance oxygen absorption, and optimize athletic performance.

During exercise, the muscles require more oxygen to function properly. This means the lungs need to work harder and faster bringing oxygen into the body for energy and pushing carbon dioxide, the waste product created when the body produces energy, out! The heart then pumps the oxygen to the muscles needed for the type of exercise being performed. When you exercise regularly your lung capacity increases and although you might be breathing hard after a good training session, recovery is faster and muscles will be less sore after training. However, for individuals that are just starting a training program, they may experience shortness of breath, quicker muscle fatigue and sore muscles. These conditions improve over time with consistent training, proper nutrition and hydration and good supplements that support the muscles, respiratory system, and heart.

Whether your routine is only multiple times a week, daily training, or extreme athletic warrior status, ClearLungs Sport can help increase your performance levels. ClearLungs Sport is for all levels of fitness and training. Whether you are just getting started and need to increase your stamina and energy, or you have been training for a long time and are looking to beat your personal best, ClearLungs Sport has you covered. Ingredients in ClearLungs Sport have been studied and shown to strengthen and support the lungs, increase oxygenation and boost production of ATP (the organic compound used to produce energy in the muscles), reduce post workout soreness, reduce workout induced phlegm or cough, improve recovery time, support healthy heart rate levels, enhance mental clarity and focus, support the lungs during times of high stress and demand and in various conditions that include harsh weather conditions and/or high altitudes.

Supplement Facts

60 Capsules Per Bottle, 2 capsules Per Serving


ClearLungs Herbal Blend 712mg:
dong quai root, ophiopogon root, poria fungal body, Chinese asparagus root, Chinese skullcap root, gardenia
fruit, luo han guo fruit, platycodon root, tangerine mature peel, white mulberry root bark, Zhejiang
fritillary bulb, schisandra fruit, Chinese licorice root.

Athletic Enhancement Blend 750mg:
Cordyceps, Rhodiola root, Eleuthero root.

Availablend Bioavailability Complex 10mg:
Shichuan Pepper, Ginger root, Black Pepper, Habanero Pepper

Other Ingredients

Vegetable capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, rice bran extract, silica.

Product Warning

Do not use if safety seal around cap is broken or missing. If pregnant or nursing, see a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Directions

Adults and children age 12+ take 2 capsules (under 12, take 1 capsule) every 4-8 hours as needed to help boost and support immune function. Results are usually felt within hours, and increase with continued use. Once desired results are obtained, try 1 or 2 capsules twice daily for maintenance. May be used indefinitely if desired, or as needed for seasonal or temporary conditions.

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