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The Benefits of Herbal Therapy For Degenerative Arthritis


Before discussing herbal therapy for degenerative arthritis, it is important to define Degenerative Arthritis (DA). Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is a condition where low-grade inflammation in the joints results in wearing and tearing of the cartilage between the joints.  When the surrounding joints become less protected by the cartilage, the sufferer experiences severe pain in the joints.


Common symptoms for Degenerative Arthritis go from mild aching to unbearable pain.  Weight- bearing joints, such as the hips, facet joints and even the finger joints are significantly affected by stiffness, and eventually, loss of mobility. 


Arthritis Herbal Remedy


Many people have found benefit in using arthritis herbal remedies such as the following:


Ginger is an apt arthritis herbal remedy.  Doctors often recommend ginger to those with symptoms of swelling, pain in the joints and morning stiffness.  Ginger can decrease inflammation and bring welcome relief to affected areas.  Added to food, fresh ginger not only accents the taste of the food, but helps inflammation; on the other hand, some prefer taking a standardized ginger supplement.


Boswellia, extracted from the Boswellia serreta tree, is an ideal herbal therapy for degenerative arthritis and inflammation. Research has confirmed that the gummy resin extracted from the tree's bark helps DA sufferers.


Turmeric, a widely cultivated tropical plant of India, acts as an excellent herbal remedy.  Both the yellow flower and the brown aromatic root contribute to the yellow-brown color and the healing effects of this herb.  Further, a combo of ashwagandha, zinc, boswellia and turmeric can be even more effective in treating stiffness and inflammation of the joints.


Willow bark, another herb with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, is also used by many for treating degenerative arthritis, as are cayenne, devil’s claw and cat’s claw. 


Likewise, alfalfa is highly recommended for nourishment of the body’s cells for overall healing. Alfalfa’s deep root penetrates the earth, from which it derives rich minerals that are passed on to the human body.  Many arthritis sufferers have symptoms linked to cholesterol, indigestion and over-acidity.  Alfalfa inhibits cholesterol accumulation, provides enzymes, and balances acid in the body – all desirable healing properties.


Hyaluronic Acid Treatment for Degenerative Arthritis


Scientific studies show that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally produced by the body and is a constituent of Synovial fluid, a primary component of joint fluid.  Synovial fluid lubricates knee joints and enables smooth mobility.  For those afflicted with Degenerative Arthritis, there is a drastic drop in HA levels, resulting in decreased effectiveness of the synovial fluid and consequent degeneration of the joints.


In a Hyaluronic acid treatment, HA supplement is injected into the knee joint to replenish the Hyaluronic Acid lost due to Degenerative Arthritis.  This restores energy for walking, running, and enjoying life again.


However, instead of HA treatments, many are using diet and herbal therapy for Degenerative Arthritis, experiencing relief from chronic pain, and enjoying daily activities that keep them young.

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