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Raspberry Ketone & Green Coffee Bean (Nuvia Trim)

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Item Number: 143460

Nuvia Trim - Raspberry Ketone & Green Coffee Bean

Nuvia Trim - Gourmet Weightloss Coffee with 400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% chlorogenic acid) and 150mg Pure Raspberry Ketone

Green Coffee Bean:
Green Coffee Bean has come into popularity for its weight loss benefits. Containing polyphenols including chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean helps to balance the blood sugar and boost metabolic rate to burn more fat. A powerful antioxidant as well, it is helpful in fighting the free radicals that can damage our cells.

Raspberry Ketone:
Raspberry Ketone has come into popularity for its effectiveness in burning calories to help accelerate weight loss. An aromatic compound found in red raspberries, it is also known to contain antioxidants to protect against diseases and prevent damage to body cells.

African Mango:
African Mango, a popular fruit in West Africa has been found to aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. The seed extract from African Mango is also rich in calcium, iron and the B vitamins.

Green Tea Extract with ECGC:
Green Tea Extract has been known for its health benefits as it is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants such as ECGC. The ECGC found in green tea extract helps in negating the unfavorable effects of a fatty diet. Green Tea Extract with ECGC included in Nuvia Trim helps to suppress your appetite and contributes in burning calories to aid in weight loss.

Ganoderma or lingzhi:
Ganoderma commonly known as lingzhi has been widely used in East Asia to prevent and treat different diseases such as cancer. Studies also show that ganoderma supports the immune system and aids in cardiovascular health.

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