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Ecomer Shark Liver Oil

Our Price: $27.25
Item Number: AN1001
Manufacturer: American Nutriceuticals

Ecomer, Shark Liver Oil 120

 Pure and natural product without chemical additives


·      Supports a healthy immune system

·      Aids in detoxification


 120 Capsules

 Ecomer is a result of over 50 years of scientific research and development work conducted by scientists from around the world. Ecomer is a unique alkylglycerol formula derived from specially processed shark liver oil. Ecomer contains 50 mg of alkylglycerols per serving. Ecomer has been shown to support immune system functions. In addition, Ecomer is also a safe and effective way help detoxify the body and support cellular integrity. Ecomer's unique standardized processing gives a pure and safe formula for any age.

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