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Having a body that is strong enough to rebound from trauma and be relatively free of chronic disease.

  • What little chronic disease that exists is managed by supporting the bodies natural healing processes through life style, nutrition, and attitude.

9 Keys to Anti-Aging and Wellness

Healthy people:

  • Select good nutrition
  •  Exercise
  • Are not acidic, but are slightly alkaline
  • Easily free themselves of toxins
  • Are free of inflammation
  • Have a well functioning immune system
  •  Have adequate hormone levels including HGH and thyroid
  • Are not bogged down in conflict, anger, and stress, but are optimistic about life
  • Have a can do attitude and take charge of their health

We are here to support your "Wellness Anti-Aging" journey.

Key Anti-Aging Supplements:

Coral Calcium Ultra
Retail: $39.99
Our Price: $13.75
You Save: $26.24 (66 %)
Coral Calcium Ultra
Coral Calcium Ultra, a marine coral calcium similar to Barefoots original coral calcium see on TV, contains 75 trace minerals, magnesium, vitamin D3, CoQ10, 16 other vitamins and minerals. It supports healthy bones, nerves, heart and muscle function.
Lipodrene with 25mg Ephedra Extract
Retail: $69.95
Our Price: $32.95
You Save: $37.00 (53 %)
Lipodrene with 25mg Ephedra Extract
Lipodrene with 25 mg ephedra extract, Thermo-Rx, phenylethylamine alkaloids and numerous ingredients, is Hi-Tech's powerful energy boosting weight loss formula. With Lipodrene men get ripped and women get lean and attractive bodies. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
Bioresponse DIM 150
Our Price: $32.95
Bioresponse DIM 150
DIM boosts fat burning and insulin sensitivity. In men it boosts testosterone, sex drive, prostate health and muscles. In women it balances estrogen levels, reduces risk of cancer, boosts weight loss, uterine, cervical & breast health. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
Wellness Formula 240 Capsule
Our Price: $22.51
Wellness Formula 240 Capsule
The Wellness Formula of products is designed to support the immune system when under physical stress. The Wellness Formula contains a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals formulated to boost your well-being.
MegaHydrate Powder
MegaHydrate POWDER, 50g
Our Price: $54.95
MegaHydrate POWDER,  50g
MegaHydrate is a super-hydrating and powerful antioxidant that detoxifies and replenishes nutrients at the cellular level. Among its numerous benefits, Patrick Flanagan's Megahydrate boosts energy and immunity, and alkalizes the body.
Synthovial Seven 7 1 oz - FREE Shipping **Not applicable when purchased with other products!
Retail: $39.95
Our Price: $31.96
You Save: $7.99 (20 %)
Synthovial Seven 7 1 oz  - FREE Shipping  **Not applicable when purchased with other products!
Improve the health of your joints, reduce pain, stiffness, and improve your flexibility with Synthovial 7. Regain youthful soft skin texture. Moisturize your dry skin to look 10 years younger! QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.
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